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Welcome to WMsexdolls
We are a professional suppliers of TPE Sex Doll & Sex toys in China,We have many years of experience selling on multiple international and online marketplaces,Our record is proof of our excellent quality and service. We cooperate with some of the largest distributors in the region. Our brands and staff stand united behind each and every product we sell.
Shipping Required Maintenance::
Thoroughly wash all cavities intended for sexual use before and after use to avoid the growth of dangerous bacteria. Bacterial exposure is harmful to your health so be sure to follow all maintenance requirements diligently. For more details please inquire for the reference links to  our cleaning video. After cleaning blot to dry with a cotton microfiber cloth to avoid abrasions. Powder generously with talcum powder or scented baby powder of your choice.
Always avoid sun exposure. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause significant damage to your dolls skin as well as reduce it's life expectancy. Please remember to always remove batteries from electronic devices after use to avoid possible corrosion and or damage to the product. Please store love dolls in a dark cool place with minimal pressure to any one point on the doll's skin to avoid risk of impressions.
The majority of our products include free standard shipping. We generally use  (DHL, UPS, EMS, FedEx and TNT),to ship goods to all corners of the world with average times speeds around 3-8 business days post production. If your purchased products are NOT over 10 pcs, we can usually deliver them within   1-3  business days after confirming your payment. If greater than 10 pcs, we may require anywhere from 10-14 days to produce. Alternatively. Concerning the parcel name on the waybill, most of the time we will label the item as a "plastic mannequin" to protect your personal privacy.
Return Policy:
Upon receiving your order, if you are not 100% satisfied with products quality or condition, you can return the item unused within 3 days of receiving  your order. Product returns must be approved by our staff and shipped in the exact packaging and condition in which the item was received. Buyer is responsible for all cost associated with returning the product. Additionally, decision to accept or refuse item returns is completely reliant on our sole discretion.
Our best hope is that if you have any dissatisfaction on our products and services that you will please contact us immediately with your concerns. We will take every reasonable effort possible to resolve your issue and gain your satisfaction
Legal Disclaimer:
Due to unclear foreign translations, the use of the word silicone most often refers to a plastic based skin-like elastomer called TPE or TPR. In some cases such as WMSEXDOLLS factory produced sex dolls, the material is actually silicone as known to the english language. If you are not familiar with the materials discussed in this listing please do your own research prior to ordering. Please also take note that not all international computer monitors output the same resolution proportioning. Some country's display standards and/or your computer's display misconfigurations may distort the perception of our products appearance on your monitor. Thank you for your understanding in the matter.
May each PC has different resolution, so , sometimes , may the real objects looks different a bit with the photos,if so, we sincerely request your understanding
Good Customer Service- It’s our pleasure to answer all the customers' questions as soon as possible.
Our business value
Our business value is to try our best to make our customers satisfied.
Any questions, please feel free to contact us .We are always here to serve you.